Friday: October 16, 2020

Reference: Luke 12:1-7

Luke 12:7 But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

There are times when we feel items are overpriced or are a lot cheaper than we would expect. In such instances, the value we place on items from our perspectives exceed or fall below what we encounter in reality. Regardless, the moment we agree to engage in a transaction, it that is to say  in theory that we agree that the value placed on the item or service is worth what we have offered for it.

The more popular question we are likely to pose is to inquire about the price of an item or service. Yet, it might not be uncommon to hear words such as ‘What is the cost of your silence or what is the cost of your support? In many regards, we can say therefore that ‘everything has a price’ and that price is determined by the value placed on it. Footballers have release clauses and some of these figures seem extraordinary, yet, it is an indication of how much value a team places on that player; they are deemed ‘assets’.

For two sparrows, the price is a penny so how much for you? Think about this: how much do you think you’re worth? Literally, could you think of a monetary equivalent for you? That estimate of value is an important benchmark that needs to be established from the very onset and the one who places that benchmark is you. Such questions may seem to be philosophical, but they are questions that play a crucial part in a number of situations.

In the eyes of God, we are so valuable that every strand of hair is priced and accounted for. Each single strand of hair, each single tear and smile; every single step of ours, is under watchful eyes. That is so our value is maintained at its optimum all season. Sweetheart, our value cannot be estimated in cash nor weighed in gold, it is an impossible evaluation that cannot be matched at any material price.

Know that you’re priceless.


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