Monday: October 12, 2020

Get out from the sight of God and into His presence

Whenever a person says the words ‘get out of my sight’, it is an indication to make a run for it usually because of actions or omissions that have had a negative impact on another. Those words literally compel one to get out of their line of sight. But today is different – its use although feels like an imperative, a command that could involve some kind of physical nudging to facilitate prompt response, there is another dimension.

‘Get out of the sight of God and into His presence’- look at it this way: a video call allows visual and audio presentation of people who may physically be miles apart. Thus, no matter how close or tactile that may be, even in the realm of virtual reality, there is distance to ponder on. That is the point today’s quote attempts to address: ‘it is not enough to be in the sight of God, get into His presence’.

Beloved, we need to be upgrade our level of intimacy with God because clearly there is a significant difference between the two levels highlighted: being in the sight of God and being in his presence. He wants us in His presence not just in His sight.


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