Tuesday: October 6, 2020

Reference text: Luke 10:38-42

We could rephrase Jesus’ words to Martha in the Gospel as follows: “I am not going to be the one who decides what choices you make. Each of you has made their choice, and that choice will be respected. I won’t ask you to make a different choice, but just so you know, between the two of you; Mary has made the better choice and that will not be taken away from her.”

Depending on where you’re coming from, you might have a different take on the turn of events in this Gospel text: a Lazy Mary vrs a hardworking Martha, a complaining Martha vrs an unhelpful Mary or from the pairing inferred from Jesus’ words; ‘a listening’ Mary vrs a busy Martha.

It appears there are a lot of possible perspectives to make a pick from, but the question remains ‘which do you see?’ Which perspective can you identify with and when you do, can you remain non judgemental? Are you able to appreciate Martha’s heart of service in tandem with the heart of Mary to listen? Jesus very much appreciated Martha’s kind gesture and service because those services eventually ended up at his feet Likewise, Mary’s decision to sit at His feet was acknowledged.

The key take home therefore is to always remember that our hearts for the word should not be overrun by our passion for the world. The two can, however, need to move in tandem.


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