Saturday: October 3, 2020

Jobs 42:2 “I know, Lord, that You can do all things, And that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.

Video assistant referee or VAR in its early days was seen by many as the killer of soccer. Decisions took too long to arrive at and the spirit of the game was affected. But ultimately, every game lasted the full ninety minutes of regular time and beyond. That has always been the original plan.

It may sound novel and like a piece of fiction because a hundred percent success rate is a bit over the top. Yet, this is the truth, there isn’t even the faintest possibility or opening for the plans of God to be thwarted. There are many moments when we think this way “God has lost, and the enemy has won”: the present picture we perceive causes us to concede defeat even for an undefeatable God. The current picture, however bad it may appear, is not the final picture; there are distortions that have to be repainted.

Sometimes, it does feel as though mechanisms and protocols are orchestrating together in agreement to frustrate the purposes and plans of God in the lives of His children. Intentional ploys appear to have claimed victory in defeating those plans intended for a planned and expected end. But today, Job reveals in His answer something we should always have in mind “I know, Lord, that You can do all things and that no plan of Yours can be thwarted.”

Since it is impossible for the plans of God to be thwarted therefore, what we see are interruptions which slow down the continuous flow and progress of any activity. Whether spiritual, physical, intellectual or social;
interruptions break the enthusiasm and passion to advance and really dive into events, that is what may appear as an attempt to thwart plans laid out. These interruptions are so designed to frustrate us into conceding defeat by acknowledging that associated delays amount to a successful thwarting of the plans of God.

But hear and remember Oh Child of the Most High, nothing can thwart the plans and purposes of God.


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