Sunday: September 13, 2020

Reference: Matthew 18:21-35

Matthew 18:27 And his master’s heart was moved with compassion and he released him and forgave him [canceling] the debt.

As much as it might be suggested that the world runs on a merit-based system, if the world run purely on such a system, a number of things would become apparent:
‘there are doors some would never have access to’
‘some of encounters that would never materialise’
‘some gains that would never reach some hands’ and
‘graces would be meant for the deserving’.

Yet, here is the truth instead: “grace is linked to the words ” ‘undeserving, unmerited or another level, more than is deserved’. It was conclusive from the text that the servant who owed 10000 talents clearly had no way of paying back. He may have asked for more time, but all conditions pointed to the fact that being sold into slavery with his entire family and assets was the only was to pay off the debt. But the generous king ‘wrote off this debt’, more than this servant probably expected.

My dear, if God worked with us using the principles of deserving, many of us would find ourselves in very tight spots because we are unlikely to meet the requisite criteria that would guarantee us His attention, much less His cooperation. Sweetheart, we stand in a place with different rules and alternative systems at play- systems that have less to do with “plain merit”, but more so with the provisions of God for His own within these systems.

Simply put, at every point in time, what we receive from the hands of God, go beyond the scope of ‘deserving’.


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