Friday: September 11, 2020

Acts 16:25-26 About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them, Suddenly, there was an earthquake so violent that the foundations of the prison were shaken. All the doors immediately flew open, and everyone’s chains were unfastened.

When I am reminded of a celebration of a birthday or anniversary, I often send a goodwill message, the length of which I believe does not matter as much as the heart behind it. But today, as I was typing a number of these messages, it took a while longer to send them forth because their content seemed to provoke a bit of internal hesitation. This was all because of a single word that included “ALL”.

For the majority of people, these wishes are sent forth as prayers and whenever prayers are made, they proceed with one intention “they are answerable”. So when I typed “may all you wishes come true” and “may you receive all your heart desires”, there was a gentle nudge ‘watch the words’.

Beloved, when these words go forth, they do so as agreements and thus act as supporting prayers. Therefore, whatever is conceived in the recipient’s mind and is the intention of their heart, you stand in agreement with. This is crucial because of the ‘heart of man’. Whatever the heart of a man desires, it moves towards and when there is support or propulsion, it is approached even faster.

When Paul and Silas prayed while in the prison, ‘ALL’ doors opened! However, those doors were the doors to their prison – specific doors intended to aid their mission. So here lies the message: ‘we ought not just pray for or be in agreement for all doors to be opened and for all wishes to be fulfilled’. Why?

Because not every wish will align with the heart of the father for us and being granted access to certain doors in our current position, will only make them entry points for disaster.


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