Saturday: September 5th, 2020

As much as I have an entire drug library, every encounter with different patients and conditions opens up a new pool of knowledge l realise I do not have. Every conversation with other people, regardless of how familiar we are with them, will therefore always reveal something different. Whether this revelation is about who they are and what they stand for, or about ourselves, the relevance of such encounters should not be underestimated.

I have come to realise that there is no single point at which a person says “I have arrived – I have achieved the full body of knowledge and exhausted my capacity to learn ENTIRELY about a n subject, a place or person. We do sometimes attempt to put a peg around our lives boasting of our access to all that is available. Hence, we conclude that no one has anything else to add to us.

Beloved, know this: as individuals, we will neither have all things nor know everything perfectly. There is knowledge, revelation, gifts and talents that are expressed more profoundly in the lives of other people. Our pride might cause us to trivialise the importance of such people, especially if we have some results to show for ourselves. However, the flexibility to stay open is what will grant us the opportunity to access dimensions not present in our lives, but are available in those of others.

You might think you have faith, are the best at writing, teaching, or singing as well as have decades of spiritual experience under you belt. You will be proud only until you encounter another operating at a level you are yet to enter. In our single lifetime, we are never going to personally encounter all the over 7 billion human inhabitants of the earth, but we will meet many at different stages of life; much like a stream of water.

The discovery of knowledge is like a flowing stream, constantly moving and being added on to. Therefore, this very fact should alert us of the importance of partnerships and alliances to access all the resources we need.


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