Tuesday: August 18, 2020

Reference text: Matthew 19:23-30

Matthew 19:27 Look!” Peter replied. “We have left everything and followed you. So what will we get?”

When people get involved in any venture, they normally expect good returns; whether it is an investment or a relationship, there should be something to show or some merits for their involvement. Thus, any non-profitable venture is often seen as a wrong option.

It should be no surprise that it finally dawns on Peter to ask a question that might also have been on the minds of the remaining disciples. He expresses them in these words to Jesus: “We could have been doing a lot of other things, actively engaging in our trade or something along those lines, but we have chosen this ‘Kingdom-business” following your lead. Is there anything in it for us at all? Or have we just wasted our time?

While Jesus answers many of the questions he faced with parables or other questions, this was not one of them. He was brief and concise with this response: “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life”(Vs 29).

Therefore, while every now and then we also ask this question in some way, one thing is clear from the answers we read today: this ‘Jesus-thing’ is not a waste of time. There are rewards to be received both in this life, and in the one after. You have already received some, you are receiving and you will receive, it is a cycle of rewards. So if you are already on the Jesus-train, hang on and don’t get off till we arrive at the official stop. If you yet to get on, you are invited to and the same rewards await you.


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