WEDNESDAY: August 5th, 2020

I had a very unpleasant surprise this morning which cost me a couple of extra pounds on my train ticket. Even though I have travelled in August, I hadn’t used my railcard yet because I buy tickets well ahead of time, often a fortnight ahead. The expiration was 3 days ago. I have done the renewal this morning though however, the thought that came to mind is was ‘that surely cost me something’.

You know, there are other things which when you lose, cost nothing: there is no pinch, nor is there a tug but I realised that for losing time, it cost me something. Time is that one thing which when you lose, is really manifest hence the reason God restores time. When scripture reports God saying “I will restore the years'(Joel 2:25), that is not a literal giving back of the days and moments lost, but he does so with the use of unusual speed and multiplication.

Picture these scenarios: a couple married for over a decade without the cry of any children in their home miraculously welcome triplets, or a young man who has never had a stable job, gets a new job and in a matter of months, he is catapulted to the upper echelons of the organisation. That, my dear, is how restoration takes place in the economy of God.

So you can trust God to restore the years, because he will make sure that any time lost is recouped and it would become clearly evident that you have lost nothing since His restoration is perfect.


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