Saturday: August 1, 2020

Welcome to Today, the very first day of August, 2020. Remember to say a prayer to close the door of July and open that of August. For today, let me share a story with you as we start this new month:

On my way home a few of days ago, I was cycling leisurely, or rather, slowly because I was quite tired. In the distance, I saw the backlight of another bicycle probably about 100 metres away and for some very odd reason, I thought to myself ‘that is my target and I will catch up to this bike’. Hence, I suddenly realised an upsurge in energy and found myself cycling a lot faster than I was moments earlier.

I successfully closed the gap to a few metres only to see this rider make a left turn while my way home was to the right. Since any further pursuit would have added an extra half an hour to my journey, I abandoned the pursuit. Yet, I was very disappointed which surprised me to an extent. Why was I disappointed when the target knew nothing about my pursuit and we were clearly headed in opposite directions?

It may sound like common sense, but a simple rule of thumb when you place any person as a model worth following is to ensure that both of you are headed in the same direction and towards a common destination. If this is not established from the very start, you could find yourself chasing after things and people who will almost certainly lead you on a path that doesn’t arrive at your intended destination or delays arrival significantly.

The truth is they may be worth pursuing as you would have established, but that in no way obliges them to lead you to your destination. Therefore, before you zone in on what to pursue with all your might, check to see if you are on the same page because a pursuit that leads to an unintended destination will be frustrating.

It is my prayer for you that in this month, your eyes are directed to the pursuit of things worth pursuing and not on fruitless adventures.’

Remember, you are special and you are loved!


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