Wednesday: June 29, 2020

John 11:21 Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died.

Perspectives are influenced by a number of factors hence, it is easy to realise that many matters can be perceived from alternative dimensions and points of view. In today’s story about Martha, Mary, Lazarus and Jesus, a clear example of perspectives becomes evident.

These were Martha’s words upon meeting Jesus’: “Had you been here, my brother would not have died”. From one perspective, those words can sound like a clear complaint, for Martha had come to the conclusion that Jesus could and would have healed Lazarus thus kept him alive. Therefore, because he was absent, he was to blame for her brother’s death. Her perspective was not entirely wrong.

Yet, there could be an alternative perspective that saw things this way “you are are the variable that changes the outcome of everything”. This point of view almost eliminates the concept of blame and disappointment, but rather accords a person the ‘position of necessity’. So Martha’s words could also be interpreted ‘we need you around Jesus because you are the variable that changes the outcome of any situation for the better’

So beloved, bear in mind that perspectives matter and our interpretation of situations will almost unreservedly affect our after-experience. Whether we will be disappointed in Jesus or will better appreciate His place in our lives as a key variable depends on our perspective.


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