Tuesday: July 14, 2020

Reference: Isaiah 7:1-9

Isaiah 7:2 When word reached the king of Judah that the armies of Syria were already in the territory of Israel, he and all his people were so terrified that they trembled like trees shaking in the wind.

If we saw things the same way God did, would we still behave the way we do? As I read the text from the prophet Isaiah today, I thought about this question.

In the face of an imminent attack, the entire nation of Judah flipped into a state of shear panic and disarray. They trembled as forest trees do when shaken by strong winds because coming against them was an alliance of two kings who possessed vast armies. Yet, God had a very different opinion about this army when He sent Isaiah to Ahaz with a message.

In that message, depending on the version of scripture, God described those kings coming against Judah as ‘two smoldering sticks’, ‘two dying out fires’ or ‘two tails of smoking logs’. In God’s to eyes, those were not worthy opposition [not that there ever is any]. Either way, King Ahaz was told this advance against them should not be a matter of concern to them because there was no possibility for that attack to prevail.

God subsequently offers His reasons and concludes ‘if your faith is not enduring, you will not endure’. And that was why information was given ‘for faith comes by hearing the word of God’. In the face of imminent war with a king and his people trembling in fear, the God who knew the whole picture shared a message of encouragement with them so they would stand in faith and not fear. Oh, if only we knew what God knew, or what He was doing, then surely we would act differently.


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