Sunday: July 12, 2020

References: Matthew 13:1-23
Isaiah 55:10-11

These words are true ‘the word out of the mouth of God does not return void until it accomplishes His will and the purpose for which He sent it’ (Isaiah 55:11). In effect then, there is nothing wrong with the word of God or the seed! Let that sink in for a moment. In the parable of the sower therefore, the active role of the ground or soil on which the seeds fell, is placed under the scrutiny of a spotlight.

It is, however, worthy of note that even though the will which the word comes to accomplish is that of God, it does not suggest the absence of competition because the will of man, which God himself has given; is always in place also intending to dominate. From the initial point therefore, a conflict of interests arise’. That contrast, my dear, is a key determinant in what happens to the seed that is sown.

Paul wrote to the Corinthians that ‘it is neither the sower or waterer who does anything, but God who gives the increase’ (1 Cor 3:7). Yet, not once does he downplay the role of the soil on which sowing is done. Beloved, without the willingness and ability of the soil to accept and nurture seeds, one can forget about fruits. In context, without the alignment of the human will with that of God, the absolute expression of God’s will and purposes in many matter, will not be manifested.

Sweetheart, ‘Heaven and earth will pass, but the word of God remains’. Thus, the seed stays perpetually viable with inherent ability to bring forth fruit in good soil. You are invited to become that kind of soil for the seed.


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