Thursday: July 9, 2020

Hosea 11:8 How can I give you up, Israel? How can I abandon you? Could I ever destroy you as I did Admah, or treat you as I did Zeboiim? My heart will not let me do it! My love for you is too strong.

There are many moments in our lives when dropping everything and walking away becomes top of the list of recommendations and the most reasonable option. It is simply seen as a necessity when results do not match the amount of work put into. But today, even presented with the options to walk away, God sounds even more desperate. The pain in his voice, and the sense of loss that would be experienced is perceived in His words ‘How can I give you up?’

I am finding it difficult to express what those words communicated to me but in a way, ‘it broke me’. For to see God, the Almighty, so crazy in love that He is hanging on desperately to man is something words will not do justice to. It felt as if the heart of God was communicating:

“How can I let you go? I am shamelessly hanging on to and though you push me away, I choose to hold on to you even tighter. I choose to draw you even closer. I just can’t let you go because you are a gem too precious to lose, a child too delicate to abandon, my heart permits me not. So I can’t let you go.”

These words, sweetheart, are not fictitious; they are expressions proceeding from the fountain of love himself. They are truths intended to reveal the extent of God’s love to you and if you will treasure them, you will experience true love.


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