Tuesday: July 7, 2020

As a believer, however random or coincidental things appear, they have an interesting way of fitting into what seems to be a master plan. There are days when through my posts, I come across new bloggers and yesterday was one of such. I had the opportunity to read a blog which had a rather unique backstory: ‘because we are all recovering from something”.

I was particularly drawn to the concept of showing an entire journey from ‘brokenness to recovery’ because it offers anyone who engages with its content the opportunity to see growth and the hand of God at work every step of the way. Unfortunately, many people would only see those two positions “brokenness” and “recovery”- the start and the end; what happens in-between, in their words, ‘does not matter’.

This tied in perfectly with a message I had listened to a day earlier- the equation that produces results. It begins with an ENCOUNTER that provides a REVELATION. This revelation generates a CONVICTION which produces FAITH. Faith then becomes the basis for ACTIONS OF OBEDIENCE which are the precursors of RESULTS.

Beloved, there is a process to every result we see. It is therefore important that we do not only see the end points, but to consciously decide to appreciate the journey. So to all who:
‘have recovered from something’, I pray that you appreciate your journeys even more.
And to those ‘still recovering from something’, know that it is a process and you will get results too. Keep working through one step at a time, we are cheering you on.

Inspired by beautybeyondbones.


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