Saturday: June 27, 2020

Reference: Matthew 8:5-17

Recently, I called a government agency for some enquiries and realised I had set up a voice recognition password on their system. It felt like repeatedly saying ‘hey Google’ from the very first time of setting up a new phone so the voice assistant is configured to accurately recognise the voice of its user.

Today, we read about voice recognition, albeit in a rather unique sense. Jesus finds himself in multiple locations and encounters different scenarios of ailments, possessions and oppressions which he addressed. One thing that comes out from all those encounters was ‘everything responds to His voice: fevers, paralysis, spirits and any other sicknesses. Nothing could maintain its hold on the children of God at the voice of Jesus.

Unsure how this applies to you? Here is a clearer picture: ‘ every single position, every single authority, every power that is named in this world and in the world to come, is subject to the authority of Jesus. At the sound of His voice, a hundred billion failures disappear, the oceans roar and the mountains bow in reverence. As He speaks, the winds go where He sends it and chains fall apart. Sweetheart, every single thing responds to the voice of the Lord, so start calling out that name.


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