Sunday: June 14, 2020

From medical conferences to rally’s or places of worship, each specific setting is linked to a specific site to receive laser focused input. And a hospital, is largely seen as a place to receive care. Personally, when I walk into the hospital, the intention is ‘I want to make a difference today’. Pretty much to give not really expecting to receive.

By tell you what, I just received a message from a patient from their hospital bed, and dear oh dear, tell me about an unexpected message in an unexpected setting. I won’t scribble much today, only to remind us that “Even in the most random of spaces, in the most unexpected of places, if there exists an available ear and a mouth willing to speak, hearts can be touched, voids can be filled, encouragement planted and strength imparted.

It will surprise you who can encourage you even when you least expect. So always be ready to listen for you know not the voice that will be speaking to you.


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