Wednesday: June 3, 2020

Reference: Mark 12:18-27

In the era of digital marketing, the fastest to pick up on consumer trends and patterns are always those who grab majority of the market show. Simply, if you know what influences choice, you can take advantage of it to enhance your portfolio with new products or alternatively, minimise losses from a down-trending product.

In the text, the story is told about the seven brothers who married the same woman consecutively and each died without fathering children. It sounds like the kind of thing you might read about only in a fiction story book because it really does seem strange and highly unlikely to occur in reality.
Nonetheless, something interesting stands out if we consider events even in the slightest sense as ‘possible’.

The main question that emerges is: what was going on with this family? One after the other, a pattern was emerging and the outcome was the same: they were dying. We would expect that at a point, somebody would have done something about this trend to interrupt its advance, but it appears nothing was done and all seven brothers lost their lives.

I don’t know if this touches base with you, but it really should. Whenever we fail to identify the patterns of what is the ‘expected outcome’ and what is ‘abnormal’, we miss opportunities to sustain good outcomes or interrupt the advance of what is abnormal. When we fail to assess what might be going wrong, there will come a time when it will be our turn to face the same music.

It saddens my heart that seven brothers met the same fate, but then we might wonder what if any one of them along the way had sought to understand the trend and done something about it? Could the outcome have been different? That’s something for us to ponder on.


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