Sunday: May 31, 2020

1 Corinthians 12:4 Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.

One of my favourite animations was ‘captain planet’, a superhero for the environment who could be summoned through the joint effort of five ring bearers. While each of these bearers in individual situations wished they had the rings of the others, a united front was required to summon captain planet. The words required were ‘let our powers combine’.

Fundamentally, whether we are white or black, Jew or gentile, bond or free, we have all drank of the same Spirit. Thus, we would have thought that the same Spirit, giving gifts to the members all belonging to the body of Christ, would give us all the very same gifts. We couldn’t have missed this by a wider mark because there was an even greater diversity.

The beginning of the end starts the very moment we forget that we are gifted differently, even by the same Spirit at work in each of us. That differentiation is intentional, not accidental. It is planned and meant to be exactly so, for the profit of all.

Therefore, from the moment we ignore the complementary nature of our gifts, their specific place within the body of Christ and acknowledge that God has not made us all the same, we set the body of Christ on a collision course. We set off towards an end where the diversity intended for the body of Christ by the Spirit of God is lost to the pursuit of ‘sameness’.

Beloved, there are many times when we wish we were in the shoes of others: wishing that we had their gifts, their way of of life or something they possess. Yet, around the same table, when all heads combine, great things ensue. Embrace the he uniqueness of your gift and complement others with it.


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