Thursday: May 28, 2020

Reference text: Acts 23:6-10

The SWOT analysis tool is one of the approaches to appraising a situation and planning to deal with it. In this process, one identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to any targets they set. Thus depending on the nature of this goal, there might be a broader exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of team members as well as wider threat and opportunity assessment.

Threat assessment in particular presents a chance to act on the statement ‘man, know what you’re up against’. Without it, we are very likely to do one of two things: underestimate the impact of a threat and end up being overwhelmed by it or overestimating its impact and dedicating more resources to it than required. Other areas consequently suffer from this redirection.

Paul stood in the midst of the council knowing that while there was an opportunity to proclaim the good news, there also was the real threat of losing his life depending on the judgement rendered by this same council. Assessment of the situation showed Paul that he was in the midst of two factions and with that in mind, he proceeded to proclaim the good news, albeit appearing skewed towards a particular audience: the Pharisees.

The outcome, the two factions disagreed and Paul had to be taken out of the meeting lest he was ‘torn apart’. Paul knew what he was up against and that meant proper appraisal of that threat could be done. Beloved, the last thing you’d want to do is to ignore the existence of a viable threat and not respond appropriately. Whether it is to face it head on, flee or gather specific resources, a decision can be made only after proper threat assessment.


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