Tuesday: May 26, 2020

Acts 20:20 I never shrank from telling you anything that would help you nor from teaching you publicly and from house to house.

If there is something I know is needed in life, it is to have in your team people who are not afraid to tell you when you are wrong, those who will tell you what will profit you and whose words will add to your character building. In the same way, it is good to have someone with whom you can share your fears, weaknesses, goals and dreams knowing that they will always be in your corner.

These people will not always get it right, but from the depths of your heart, you realise that their intentions are clear and they are truly cheering you on. Paul was one of such people to the Ephesians and he did not hold back from proclaiming to them words that were ‘profitable’ – words that were guaranteed to bring returns.

Sweetheart, words whether proclaimed or written, have the potential to do a number of things, but at the very basic level, they can be additive or subtractive – profitable or loss-inducing. Thus, we are often charged to watch our words, to take a moments pause before responding and so forth. At regular intervals therefore, we need to reflect on the entire content of our vocabulary to ascertain which of the two branches of impact our words belong to: profitable or loss-inducing?


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