Wednesday: May 20, 2020

Reference: John 16:12-15

John 16:12 I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.

When someone tells us that they have many things to say to us but we cannot bear them now, it primarily appears to communicate one piece of information: ‘I don’t see you responsible enough yet to be entrusted with this body of knowledge’. However, those words of spoken by Jesus to the Apostles were in no way intended to undermine their sense of responsibility. If anything, I saw them as an invitation to acquire more knowledge.

Let’s follow this discourse: in the establishment of any academic system, hierarchy of knowledge is applied. Thus, some things are meant to be taught before some others. Without knowledge of the basic cell structure, it becomes a bigger challenge to teach about cell division; one body of knowledge has to precede others.

Therefore, before they could receive anything else Jesus had to say, there was a fundamental body of knowledge that had to be available. Beloved, there is information which when missing from our arsenal make any add-ons of no significant effect. In fact, that information might even appear unhelpful in our circumstances and that will be solely because we had no foundations on which to establish them.

Thus, when gaining knowledge, do so from the bottom up. In that way, your foundations will be firm enough to withstand any additional weight, then you will be able to bear all that you have to be told.


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