Tuesday: May 12, 2020

John 14:30 I will not speak with you much longer, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has no hold on me.

When an individual who was vehemently been opposed to a project suddenly falls in line and becomes a big proponent if the same, people tend to ask ‘do they have something on you?’. This is aimed at questioning if there is any new knowledge or compromising information about them that is being held as a bounty over their heads and thus keeping them in check.

While Jesus spoke with his disciples he mentions ‘the Prince of this world has no hold on me’. Some versions say ‘has no power over me’, and those words were not a bluff. One thing about the enemy is his ability to identify a single piece of information and to use it to batter anyone into submission and surrender. Whatever he lays hold of, becomes a weapon and source of power against the children of God: greed, any sin, any hurtful memories, disappointment, pain – whatever can be worked with, is deemed acceptable.

Sweetheart, there are many ways to hold things in place: with hooks, tapes, glue, straps, pins, nails, etc. Thus, there is more than one way for the enemy to have power over you. Hence, our prayer each day should be

‘search my heart oh God, and if there be anything that doesn’t honour you, if there be anything that gives the enemy a hold over me; deal with it, so I can live the victorious life meant for me as your child’


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