Friday: May 1, 2020

Reference: Genesis 1:26-2:3

Today’s text is one many are familiar with because it is the account of God creating man. In the space of a few verses, we see the application of three principles that can be a part of our daily decision making and living. Let’s simply call it P-I-E: Planning, Implementation & Evaluation.

When God said ‘Let us make man in our own image according to our likeness, stage one began. There was an intention put forward and what that would entail outlined with some flesh. In effect, we see details of the picture God had in mind: the dominion he intended for man to have, the status and the appearance – all those were taken into account. That, goes into planning: establishing what is to be done and what would be needed to do it? When this is missing, we often have nothing to fall back on whether as a reference point for modifications or as a guide for progress.

When the Implementation stage arrived, the plans intended were executed: ‘So God created man in His image… and blessed him to be fruitful, to fill and subdue the earth’. The blueprint laid out was followed. Implementation always draws on the presented plan but also has room for maneuvering in case variables change the initial plan. But all things being equal, it depends entirely on stage one: planning.

Finally, Evaluation or what we might refer to as reflection. When God finished everything, He looked back and said ‘it was good’. That is something we sometimes forget to do. We are so focused on marching forward that we forget to take moments in between our marches to do some evaluation. Evaluation may lead to alteration of existing plans, improvements in their implementation and assist new planning.

Therefore, don’t forget to prepare some P-I-E because it will be of help on your journey.


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