Saturday: April 25, 2020

1 Peter 5:6 So bow down under God’s strong hand; then when the time comes, God will lift you up.

In Korean and Japanese cultures, bowing is common. The more respected the recipient of a bow is, the bigger the ‘angle’ of bowing is; this may range from 30 to 90 degrees measured from the waist. For many elders therefore, a refusal to bow signifies a lack of respect to say the very least, and this is frowned upon. Etiquette is reciprocated, hence, one shows it so they may be shown at a much later stage.

Today, we read saint Peter’s letter which admonished the people to bow down before the hand of God, to humble themselves before Him. The caveat, so that when the appointed time arrived, they would be raised up. However, many assume that such expressions of acknowledgement, honour and respect may dent their pride.

But my dear, these two statements are worth pondering on:

If you cannot bow your head before God, how will you raise you head to face the challenges that life throw your way?

If you cannot bend your knees before the God of heaven and earth, how will you stand tall in the face of life’s battering winds and storms?

Beloved, you will come to realise that the people who stand firmest are those whose knees are first to hit the ground and are not afraid to bow and bend low before the Lord of all. Bowing then is not just a physical activity, but an expression of surrender, humility and obedience that begins on the inside.


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