Monday: April 6, 2020

Last night in the United Kingdom, an estimated 24 million people tuned in to watch a short five minute broadcast from the queen. Many will wonder why? But for majority, her words couldn’t have come at an even better time. It has almost become a norm that whenever she, sends a national broadcasts, she sends a message of solidarity and reassurance.

A voice that is heard in the street is certain to draw attention: attention not just to the voice itself, but more importantly to the message that is communicated through the sound of that voice. Therefore, at every point in time, we might want to stop and consider what message emerges when our voices are heard. As if to throw an open survey out there to ask others ‘what do you expect when you here my voice?’

There are voices that inspire laughter and joy, others that trigger unusual calmness and a feeling of safety. Likewise, there are those that evoke a sudden onset of fear and anxiety. Voices associated with doom and gloom, heralds of only bad news which we would wish not to hear.

But my dear, we can work on making our voices the voice of calm and encouragement, voices that are able to bring some laughter even in a time of difficulty. Voices that communicate positivity and encouragement. Words that sound like the promise of Jesus ‘behold, I am with you until the end of time’. That is perfect and all round security right there. So let our voices inspire courage and a can do attitude in others and Let it be a positive reminder that there is still reason to be hopeful at all times.


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