Friday: April 3, 2020

When we think of a contract, then we enter the realm of exchange, an offer and acceptance involving things that are deemed equally valuable by the parties involved. Contracts are legally binding agreements and can be declared null and void by thus terminated when any one party violates the terms laid out.

Thus integrating the key concepts from the words involved in this discussion: promise, covenant and contract, you might be wondering, why the long forward before? It is because of our way of thinking has infiltrated and altered our relationship with God. We have become a people largely hooked on to ‘contract thinking’ as the basis of our relationship with God. We have been pushed to consider the two way relationship between us and God as ‘contractually binding’ and the very moment we cannot fulfil our end of the deal, so does God.

That has been a big obstacle which has prevented us from drawing close to God as we ought to. We seem to have forgotten that we are in a covenant relationship with God instead not a contract. No where does God enter into a contract with Israel, from the very beginning, He made a covenant with his people right from Noah to Abraham and beyond. Even before the cross, Jesus established a ‘new covenant’.

Therefore, while yes we have our end of the covenant to fulfil, our inability to do so does not result in an annulment of the covenant with God. In fact, He moves to support us so we can uphold our end of the deal by taken away and holding on to all the the ‘tough’ jobs.
Regarding his promises also, their fulfilment are dependent on Him only. So when He promises ‘Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken (Isaiah 54:10a)’, it is His promise and His to fulfil.

Sweetheart, you cannot enter into a contract with God because whatever you have to offer, He gave to you. Therefore, there can be no equal exchange. However, we can be in a covenant relationship with Him and that is how we ought to be thinking because the terms involved in this are very different from a contract.


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