Tuesday: March 31, 2020

Numbers 21:8 And the LORD said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live.

Correlation seeks to establish the relationship between two variables: the stronger the relationship, the greater the correlation. In many ventures, measures are put in place to establish patterns or make predictions based on logical deductions. In effect, therefore, outcomes derived from relationships between variables must make logical sense for them to be deemed practical.

Yet, today’s account from the book of numbers takes in its entirety seems to make no logical sense. A biological occurrence was solved using a physical and visual stimulus. That is negligible correlation because the only link is that the mounted bronze piece was shaped as a serpent. Nonetheless, it makes no sense because between venom and bronze, finding a direct correlation is difficult. But this was the prescribed remedy for the people and guess what, it worked.

There have been many eyebrows raised when believers around the world have been invited to join hands in prayer at this time for the entire world because it is an action which makes no logical sense since a pandemic is biological. However, if there is one thing today’s text reveals, it is the truth that God isn’t interested in correlations. His power to move, to heal and to intervene in the affairs of man when invited have nothing to do with the correlation between parameters.

His desire is to fulfil His word even in the presence of zero correlation because He is God. Therefore, don’t cease acknowledging and inviting God because while the puzzle does not make perfect sense to you, it does to Him. So, keep your eyes on the cross, no matter what.


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