Monday: March 23, 2020

John 4:43 Now after two days he departed thence, and went into Galilee.

It might appear that the presence of Jesus at specific times and locations in scripture were just coincidences. Alongside today’s text, scriptural accounts like the wedding at Cana, the woman with the issue of blood or the widow whose only son had died and was enroute to be buried happened to coincide with the appearing or presence of Jesus.

Bearing in mind that in each of those moments, a divine providence was required or a miracle was needed, the timings appear too perfect to be considered ordinary coincidences. Therefore, while it seems in instances that the move of man forced the hand of Jesus to intervene, what really impresses on my heart is that Jesus moved into position in anticipation for an impending need.

In short, God made the first move. He does so because he sees a picture we do not and knows where to be even before we get there. Sweetheart,
there are and there can be no coincidences or randomness with God, nope! There is only a fulfilment of his plans and purposes. If therefore you are wonder why things appear so well laid out before your arrival, it is because God made the fist move in anticipation.


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