Tuesday: March 17, 2020

With governments invoking Draconian measures in their efforts to halt the spread of a global pandemic, the entire world appears to hold its breath. I have wondered and I’m sure many others have asked a similar question: ‘would our world as we knew it three months ago, ever be the same?’ 80% of global flights remain grounded, work forces are under the threat of losing their livelihood, people have been ordered to stay put in their homes, a measure that in our normal day to day life, would have qualified as an infringement on our freedom of movement.

But sweetheart, these are no ordinary times. It is a time when the doors of places of worship have been ordered shut, places of acquiring knowledge have also been closed. In some nations, all that remains are access to the things intended to keep them alive: food and medicine. With a desperate exhale, we can say ‘times have changed’.

Yet, this remains true: ‘This too, shall pass’. I know for some, this sounds more cliche but indeed, it shall pass. We are a people of hope, and even in the darkest of tunnels, on the darkest of nights, we know there is certain light at the end of the tunnel and the sun will rise in the morning. That is the reason we have to remain hopeful for if we lose this, our fight back will become a lot harder.

Beloved, wherever you are, whether staying indoors because of the current state of affairs or even going through a tough situation in life, whether boxed in on all sides with no exit in sight and desperately seeking for some inspiration, my dear, that too shall pass. Let’s remain fervent in prayer and expectantly hopeful. Better times will surely return, that is a guarantee and an assurance from our Father.


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