Friday: March 13, 2020

Without warning, the world awoke a few months ago to a viral infection which since then, has made its way across six continents, 121 countries and continues to make its way round. News outlets appear to be composed of bombardments of ‘viral news’ every moment’ with associated government responses. Consequently, schools have been shut down, transport networks crippled and world economies on the verge of a possible major crisis.

Nonetheless, even when families are on a war footing, a major accident or diagnosis with a rather bad prognosis tends to bring everyone together, as though differences no longer exist.
Amidst all the chaos of this viral outbreak, there is an observation that is made each time we face a major threat: ‘A united front’. It makes me wonder then if the only thing required for us to stand together, to put our differences aside and work hand in hand is something like this.

We fight much about small matters and exaggerate minor issues till they blow out of proportion. There are moments when we walk by others without a handshake because we are angry at them. But today, when handshaking is banned and ‘social distancing’ is recommended, even entrenched in some law, we seem to appreciate its place.

Sweetheart, there is a reality this moment which we are facing and it requires our urgent and joint efforts. You will agree that this is not the time to highlight differences. But let’s not always wait for situations such as these to be the only media which provokes us to stand together. We can do better.


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