Saturday: March 7, 2020

Yesterday, we explored to an extent that to know God suggests ‘an encounter with His person’ because an encounter is necessary to build unwavering and steadfast conviction. Let’s build up on this to the second point on what it means to say ‘we know God’. Here goes:

2. “To know God is to understand the possibilities that are present in His ability”

That may sound like a big grammatical construct, but all it says is ‘to know God is to come to know what He can do’. In fact, we can even flip the question to focus on the reverse of the verb where to know God would equate to knowing what He can’t do.

For each scenario, we can have one a word answer:
What can God do? EVERYTHING
What can’t God do? NOTHING

This acknowledgement of possibilities is crucial if one is to develop absolute trust in the abilities of anyone or anything. We jump into cars and board airplanes acknowledging, albeit only to a reasonable degree, that our drivers and pilots have what it takes to transport us safely to our destinations. Thus, when we come to know what God is able to do, then we will have no worries casting all our burdens on Him.

They that KNOW their God, shall do EXPLOITS because they have come to acknowledge the multiple dimensions and possibilities that are present in Him. So if you know God, then seek to explore more deeply the possibilities that are present in His ability because then, you will come to faith without borders and trust without doubt.


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