Monday: March 2, 2020

Reference text: Matthew 25:31-46

We pride ourselves with a lot of different things – our social status, academic accomplishments or established successes. And for all intents and purposes, every now and then, we have no problems rubbing that in the face of others, after all, some things call for celebration and rightly so.

Jesus proposes a sorting criteria at the time of reckoning. In doing so, He appears to relegate the relevance of all the things listed above in favour of a single alternative criterion. That criterion has nothing to do with how high we rise in society, how much we earn in wealth or how accomplished we are in our individual endeavours. It hinges on one thing and one thing only: HOW MUCH WE HAVE LOVED.

That sounds like a straight forward question, but attempt to answer and we realise we actually have to do some thinking to really tell how much we have loved and if we have really loved as much as we could.

This is just a question to put on repeat even as you journey in the course of the day:


Not just God, but my neighbour also. Just how much?


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