Friday: February 7, 2020

Reference: Mark 6:14-29

The beheading of John the Baptist, remains a sad story, but at each reading, even deeper revelations come to light. Let’s expound on two of these:

First, this whole turn of events can be attributed to an incident of unresolved disagreement where two opposing views remained antagonistic, until a young girl was used as a pawn to break the deadlock. We do not have to look very far to note that Herod and Herodias were at odds on a delicate matter regarding the life of John: Herodias wanted him dead while Herod preferred him alive.

It is interesting that Herodias was actually missing from the audience at the party which comprised high officials, military commanders and the leading men of Galilee – the brass and blue bloods of the land. Her daughter had to ‘go out’ to ask her opinion. Had there been a resolution on John between the couple, this account in scripture may have been very different.

Secondly, some people in our lives will only remain spectators. They will always take a step back and watch you speak, walk and act your own way, even into a pit from which you may be unable to crawl out of. Among other reasons, Herod’s audience made no attempt to influence his promises to the daughter of Herodias probably because they may not have seen themselves powerful enough, were afraid of losing the power they had or trusted the judgement of the Herod.

That spectatorship position played a part in Herod’s dilemma. My dear, some people will be bold enough to correct, rebuke and speak some truths to us, but many others will remain uninvolved and only watch on. Look out for such and mind what you do, particularly when your audience just looks on in silence.


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