Friday: January 24, 2020

In the minds of many, summer is synonymous with warmth and sunlight, while winter is in partnership with snow. However, today is the 24th of January, 2020 and there have bee no evidence of snow so far where I live. The closest we have come to anything white is frost in the mornings and this isn’t a new development because it hasn’t been the first snowless winter.

Nonetheless, for many, the expectation of a fixed set of parameters are the only guarantees that a specific season is present. Until there is evidence of clear snow, it is assumed winter has not arrived. But this is the reality: there are other signs that characterise the season besides snow. Thus, for the many whose eyes are focused solely on snow, they could transition through the winter season unknowingly.

That beloved, is a reason for missed opportunities for personal and territorial expansion, growth and development. When the lenses of our eyes to expect only specific and clearly defined outcomes to emerge from a situation. When we walk with the Lord, we should expect his goodness always, but his approach to them may be different for each individual. Don’t zone in solely on the markers evident in the journey of others that you miss those that are specific to your situation.

Don’t miss ‘winter’ just because it did not snow.


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