Wednesday: January 22, 2020

‘When you see God use a man ask for the stories not the results’

That is one advice a number of us need to understand. When an individual is elevated, moves with grace and ease through Life, is favoured and has been a recipient of abundance, all attention goes their way. In many instances, the focus is directed entirely on the outcome and results- what they have. Rarely do people take a step back to ask ‘What is the story behind your current position?’

This is important because their stories will almost always reveal a journey with God. One that has had twists and turns, ups and downs, appointments and disappointments, tears and laughter. You will hear about a story of people who have remained faithful and so have become recipients of God’s faithfulness and promise. So when you see God ‘use’ any person, ask about their stories because there are many.

‘The one reason we are unable to replicate results is because we often don’t know what brought them’

There is a reason why scientists document every step of an experimental process. It gives them a log of what has been done so outcomes can be attributed to specific actions. However, many of us operate on the principles of trial and error. Let’s try A, B and C to see which works. For example about a particular situation, let us Praise, worship and offer warfare prayers. When there are results, to which of these will it be attributed?

Beloved, trial and error is perfect when you have a lot of time, but when you don’t, spiritual accuracy becomes a must have. We need to migrate towards the point of understanding the principles that guarantee divine response in every situation we face because that increases our efficiency. This won’t come easy, but with consistent study of the Word and faith- inspired actions. I pray that as the year progresses, we will all work towards enhancing our spiritual accuracy.


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