Saturday: January 18, 2020

I recall a scene in a movie where a character introduced herself as ‘Fat Amy’. When asked why, she responded in a manner that suggested that she was well aware that others would call her that even behind her back so she might as well join in. In conversations with others, sometimes people tend to bring up things they classify as ‘weaknesses’ so others don’t have to point it out to them.

Whether to trigger a moment of laughter, limit the judging eyes of others or avoid a period of real personal reflection, it seems as though we are more comfortable telling others about aspects of ourselves which we consider ‘a weakness’ rather than leave them to find out on their own.

And as humans, in respect for others, when such areas are revealed by them, we tend really not to probe further preferring to go by the assumption that ‘if they know, then surely they are doing something about it’. The truth however is that sometimes personal perspectives differ from outward ones, and on many occasions, both perspectives matter.

Sweetheart, don’t hide under the cover of ‘I think I know what is wrong and what to do’, and thus end up stuck in a rut because your approaches and perspectives to a problem are looked at only with the same pair of eyes. There are times when you ought to make room for others to throw their inputs into the hat to provide some diversity, for that is a way to identify what you might be missing.

Remember # you may know your weaknesses, but probably, only from your point of view.


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