Thursday: January 16, 2020

My bicycle has no mud guards at the moment because its design makes getting a fitting pair quite tricky. During the dry season, that is no issue at all but with wet conditions, it produces a rather unwanted setback. It tends to stain any clothing worn rather badly and the closer to white the clothing is, the more visible the stain. Personally, it is an uncomfortable feeling seeing this after dismounting the bike.

But as I thought about a workaround, I realised there were a number of options I could adopt: get a new bike, find mudguards somehow or wear something over my clothes whenever I intend to cycle. Yet, I also wondered, if I was that concerned about finding ways to avoid a physical stain, how much more should I be working towards my walk with God?

Sometimes, the concerns of the physical world we live in appear to overwhelm us so much that we forget about our spiritual walk for a moment. Our focus all but shifts entirely off God. Beloved, this should also be a part of our daily thinking – exploring how to walk more closely with God. For this also, there will also be a myriad of options: reading, fellowship, worship, study amongst other. Adopt some of these.


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