Sunday: 8th December, 2019

Optimism, derived from the Latin ‘optimum’ in the literal sense of the word means ‘best’. Hence, an optimist expects the best outcome in any situation regardless of surrounding circumstances. On the other hand, ‘Pessimism’ is the exact opposite where the most undesirable outcomes are expected from any given situation. Therefore, if asked which of the two any Christian ought to possess, the obvious choice would be optimism.

However, I heard an argument today which that suggested both options are not associated with the Christian. Simply put, Christians are neither optimistic nor pessimistic. Rather, Christians are ‘a people of hope’. Because whiles optimism expects the ‘best outcome’ from any situation, dependent on the perspective of the seeker, hope is something else. It is the expectation that God will fulfil His Promises, in His way and in His time.

My dear, what we want for ourselves is not always what God wants for us and that is why outcomes do not always turn out as we expect. But mind you – we are not an optimistic people, but we are a people of hope and that ought to be evident in our response to situations.


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