Sunday: 1st December, 2019

Today is the 1st day of December and also the first Sunday of Advent. In the homily today, I was reminded again of what the season is about. It has been suggested that Advent is the most difficult season in the church, even compared to the season of Lent which is synonymous with abstinence and fasting. Two reasons are suggested for this:

The first, our society has trained its guns on Christmas so much that Advent has no fighting chance. The focus is thus on the celebrations at Christmas that the journey to get there is ignored. To mark a turn around, I also recommend a suggestion I read: Saint Luke’s Gospel has 24 chapters, hence, reading one chapter each day ending on the Eve of Christmas, will give us an idea of what and who our Christmas ought to be about.

The second reason Advent is so difficult is because it is ‘a season of waiting’ – and as a people, that’s the one thing we hate doing, waiting for anything. However, no matter how we look at life, we are and will always be people who wait. Sweetheart, waiting is the bridge between darkness and light, because darkness without waiting is despair.

Let us take a new approach this season and not make it like one of those we have always had. Let our Christmas be of substance and not the usual annual ritual: embrace the season of waiting and know whom you are waiting for.


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