Friday: 29th November, 2019

I have had my current bicycle for nearly three years and since it has began showing signs of giving way, I am thinking about getting another. Not that it is non-functional, I just don’t want to be in a position where I need a bike urgently but don’t have. Thus, for those who can afford it, having only one of a thing is not the way to go. Particularly for material things like a car or mobile phone, having a backup is the a preferred option.

The reason for this is not always to show off wealth, but to avoid the inconvenience that comes with unexpected breakdowns . Even then, while we can have backup for some material things, there are other things where backups are not expected: faith in God is one of these. It is just I believe and I believe, there is no backup.

In fact, the real question would be ‘what could be a backup to God?’ because unlike material possessions where a backup could be superior, nothing can be superior to God. Thus with Him, He needs to be our plan A, plan B and plan C, the one on whom we lean at all times. God has to be the original plan and the backup because there is no better.


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