Monday: 18th November, 2019

Reference text: Luke 18:35-43

Luke 18:39 And they which went before rebuked him, that he should hold his peace: but he cried so much the more, Thou son of David, have mercy on me.

In typical movie style, when some people are given instructions by secretaries to wait outside a manger’s office, they nod but force their way in. This is out of experience because often even after waiting, the response received is ‘Sorry the manager is unable to meet you today as they are busy’. The real picture, however, may be very different thus some ‘disobedience’ is needed to get a meeting.

The blind man in today’s Gospel had no prior arrangement with Jesus and so had to create an appointment himself on the day. Through ‘disobedience and by ignoring the commands and rebuke from the crowd’, he got an invitation to meet Him. You could even throw in the ‘selfishness’ he showed to regain his sight because although his shouting may have made others in the crowd uncomfortable, he only shouted louder.

Beloved, there are times when actions may seem ‘unchristian’ when placed under the lens of a microscope for introspective examination. But on the events of this Gospel, ‘disobedience and an element of ‘me first’ came into play. Regarding the latter, many first aiders will tell you that is the golden rule – ‘in your attempt to help, don’t become another casualty- put yourself first’

There will be moments when one has to rebel against, ignore and disobey an entire system to get things done. Had the blind man heeded the instruction to be quiet, he would have missed out on the opportunity to receive healing and a new chance at life. Had he offered any supplication other than what he really wanted, he would equally have stayed in the same position. So also don’t be afraid to make your real desires known to God because He will respond to them in your best interest.


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