Monday: 4th November, 2019

Reference text: Romans 11:29-34

Romans 11:35 Who has first given God anything, so as to receive payment in return?”

From the very beginning, we have been playing catch up to God. We have always first been recipients before we even considered becoming givers. Way before we had anything to offer, before we had anything to render to Him, we had received everything: Grace upon grace, favour without price and our very lives to be custodians of.

Right from the onset, we were loved and treasured. Before we ever were, we had been called and named. From the very start, we were given abundance of strength and giftings, not just to survive, but to thrive. We even have access to a lot more, for when we ask, exceedingly and abundantly will we still receive.

Beloved, from the very beginning we were given. So now may be the time to learn – not to give more to God, but to receive. To acknowledge that he has given and to complete this work of His by receiving. You really can’t beat Him when it comes to giving, so just open up to receive.


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