Sunday: 27th October, 2019

Britain remain on course for a delayed departure from the European Union for a myriad of reasons. But at the heart of it all, there is one central fact- it is actually a game of numbers. All that has been required is a majority in Parliament on every bill tabled, something that has eluded any prime minister so far.

On this account, therefore, majority always appear to hold the most power.
We have heard ‘that the voice of the people is the voice of God’, but today I submit an alternative to you: “the voice of many is not necessarily the voice the voice of God.

How many people have followed the advice of the masses and ended up in trouble? How many have seen the ‘apparent’ show of support by many as a catalyst for change or improvement and ended up standing alone? My dear, what ‘many want’ is not always what God wants’. We can cast out mind back to the people of Israel and their request for a king- the entire nation was in agreement, but it was not God’s desire for them.

So this is the reality: ‘A lie in the mouth of many is still a lie’ – majority therefore does not alter the status or presentation of a message. Thus, don’t just listen to the majority, for it may not be the voice of God.


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