Saturday: 19th October, 2019

The flow of traffic is regulated by signals, road markings, roundabouts among others. While some drivers are lucky to get green lights the whole way and thus have the smoothest of drives, others get a mix of both greens and reds, and even some only reds the whole way. This results in a delayed commute. At roundabouts, there are also a number of exits and each vehicle makes a turn towards its intended destination.

Why the driving analogy? Although I dislike the idea of being slowed down by the driver ahead of me, I have grown to appreciate that each person is on their own journey. Whether stopped by each single red light or breezing through all greens, whether taking the first exit or fourth exit at a round about, each person will head to their own destination.

Therefore, arrival and not just speed becomes the key measure; bearing in mind that destinations are also different. So my dear, don’t be too concerned when others appear to zoom past you for you have no idea how far they have to go and where they have to get to. You focus on your journey.


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