Monday: 7th October, 2019

Luke 10:26 “What is written in the Law?” he replied. “How do you read it?”

The supreme Court recently made a landmark ruling in the UK regarding the he decision of the prime minister to prorogue(discontinue) Parliament for a number of weeks. This led to a diversity of opinions with some arguing that the courts should have had no part to play in this. But if the Judiciary exists for one thing besides Justice, it is to ‘Interpret the law’.

So Jesus question to the lawyer has real relevance: ‘what is written in the scripture? How do you read it?’ This was not in the literal sense of just reading words, but how do you interpret and understand it? Beloved, it is one thing to see what is written or spoken and another thing to interpret. The real issue for consideration is therefore the interpretation given to what is said or written.

So what is written in the word and how do you understand it? This is necessary because without understanding of what is written or said, actions are not guided. They are spontaneous, random and often unfounded. Without understanding, meaning is missed and knowledge lost. Therefore, while we know that what is written has been written, what is spoken, already said, do we understand them as they should?


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