Thursday: 3rd October, 2019

Nehemiah 8:4 And Ezra the scribe stood upon a pulpit of wood, which they had made for the purpose;

A recent video I watched showed a saloon car with a roof rack loaded with goods about three times the cars height. While negotiating a bend, the vehicle flipped on its side. Not that a saloon car cannot carry goods, but it was not built for that purpose.

In the text today, Ezra stood on a pulpit build for the purpose of reading the law and the people remained from dawn till noon to hear the law being read. The pulpit contributed to achieving its purpose. Not that the law could not have being read from another platform, but this one ‘was built for that purpose’

Whenever we hear the words “you are created for a purpose, you have a mission on earth or a destiny to fulfil” , we can easily brush this off because we have heard it countless times so it sounds like a cliche. But beloved, it is a truth that should never be considered a cliche. We are creatures of God custom-built for a purpose.

Beside to know God, love him and to serve him,

a unique task rests on our shoulders, a purpose only for you to fulfil. I pray we don’t miss out on this.


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