Tuesday: 24th September, 2019

Psalm 122:1 I was glad when the said to me ‘let us go to the house of the Lord’.

‘I was delighted with the invitation to be in the presence of God’: from those words of his, one might begin to wonder the exact position of David when the words were spoken- where was he? Still in God or outside Him? If he was outside of God, then it was a chance to be reconciled to Him. However, if he received the invitation while in God, then it was a call to drink deeper.

Nonetheless, David as we know was a man who was never far from the presence of God, yet another invitation into God’s house was met with sheer delight. Beloved, MORE of God is not a bad thing because man has been built in God, by God and for God. On that account, there is always room in our hearts, minds and souls for God. At any point in time, there is room in our beings and there will always be space for God because that is how we have been created us.

So my dear, yearn for God and the things you desire, will follow. The delight and joy that comes with the knowledge of God will then spring into your life and overwhelm you.


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