Thursday: 19th September, 2019

Response to events can be consciously or unconsciously picked up depending on the state of affairs.

I had a classical example today when I missed a connecting flight due to the delayed arrival of the first plane. We were directed to a desk to have our flights rebooked and while it was obvious passengers were angry, concerned and disappointed about missing their flights through no fault of their own, resolutions went by largely uneventfully.

However, the moment a lady went ballistic at the customer service representative, it seemed as if a fire had been lit. Grievances suddenly began pouring out and passengers voiced out their displeasure at what had happened. This seemed a bit unexpected seeing that moments earlier, it appeared every one was calm and no one had anything to say.

After this event, one word came to mind ‘resonance’. The calm atmosphere which was radiating and kept everyone settled quickly dissipated the moment an explosion of anger set in. Out went all the calm and patience, and a warm welcome extended to anger. My dear, the people around us can rub on us in many ways and if we aren’t careful, we might end up drawn too much into the world of others that we forget what we actually think and feel.

So regardless of what may be happening around us, let us make conscious effort to have a clear and personalised assessment of events. That way we can respond as ‘us’ and not just dance the tune of the crowd.


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