Sunday: 25th August, 2019

People often come to church with young children who can throw tantrums and distract an entire congregation from the service. It might even seem okay to say to such people “stay at home since you really don’t have the chance to hear anything during the service’. This thought came to mind as I sat in a Polish Mass today.

Anytime I am on holiday, I attend Mass in the local parish which means the entire mass is said in a local language I may have no understanding off. So in that regard, one might wonder: do I go or stay away because I would not understand a single word. I don’t know what your opinion on both matters described above is but for me,

‘the absence of understanding does in no way undermine my reverence for what is celebrated’.

While I may not understand a single spoken word, there is always something else to experience and behold in the presence of God. There is a unique feeling of belonging far beyond what we can appreciate. Thus, spending time with God can be a very personal experience even in those circumstances.

So my dear, see every moment in the presence of God as one to be savoured, as one that is an interaction between your heart and His. It is one that goes beyond the language being spoken towards a real love for fellowship with God.

Time in God’s presence always has a potential to be beautiful, don’t miss out.


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